Your public Tweets will now be saved forever

Well I guess there is something to be said about Twitter and how it is seen as en emerging force in our society. Because last week, Twitter announced that is has entered into an agreement with the Library of Congress, where they will archive every public tweet since Twitter’s inception. I just wonder about both the social implications of this, as well as the privacy issues.

I mean, a public tweet is just that…Public. But it is a completely different thing to have your tweet archived in such an institution – one whose responsibility is ” to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations”. By it’s own definition, the Library of Congress has just classified the collective tweets around the world as worthy of such a preservation.

The news of this new relationship spread quickly across the Internet. Is this something we should be happy about? Will it change what your publicly tweet, whether you use Twitter for business or pleasure? With Microsoft’s BING search engine recently announcing it has joined Google and will include Twitter’s tweet time-lines in it’s search results, it looks like Twitter is becoming a household name.

5 thoughts on “Your public Tweets will now be saved forever

  1. I guess I am going to have to go back and check out Twitter again. I just do not see the value in spending my time on tweeting.

    Can someone educate me on this blank spot in my thinking?


  2. What a wonderful bit of news! Everything I post gets clicks back to my websites and webpages! Fresh eyes see my information based on #hashtag searches! The SEO mojo for Google / Bing keyword contribution is cumulative!

    Let me say that again, Its like compound interest to a bank!

    This is huge for tech savvy realtors who’s online history can be searched! New listings , Feature Updates, Product and service announcements!

    I tweet, New Listing will be coming, tweet, New listing is up, tweet, Video is now loaded. YouTube tweets It has loaded the video. [every tweet is keywork loaded]

    I think this is wonderful.

    I hope that Twitter continues as the forum.

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto


  3. Okay, let me get this straight. a ‘public’ tweet with a tinyurl linking to a web-page is useful to archive exactly how?

    I agree there are tweets that may have some sort of value for somebody looking at these archives 10/20/30 years on, but what is the proportion of those.

    What will they do with all the links and the references to external sites? Reference those and direct the reader to another section of the library? 🙂


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