Are you considering a DROID Phone?

I have to admit – when Google announced their new ANDROID mobile operating system, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was nice looking, but I didn’t think there was enough “steam” behind the platform. And Google had a long, hard uphill battle against Blackberry, iPhone and even Windows Mobile. I hadn’t even really looked into any of the Android-based devices. Until today.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a video showing off  the new HTC “Droid Incredible”. After watching the video, that’s exactly what it is – INCREDIBLE. The folks over at AndroidCentral put this video together. In addition, they have a lot of interesting info on their site about the new Droid Incredible, which launches on April 29th, exclusively on the Verizon Wireless network.

After watching the video, and reading more about the Android OS, I may just leave my trusty Blackberry behind and get an Android-based phone. Google has really made this new operating system shine. There are already over 50,000 apps available for the Android, with more being added every single day. They have taken all of the great features of the iPhone, and in some cases, done them one better. The contacts app seems so much more flexible. And it’s Facebook integration is smooth and seamless. Not to mention that Android devices support Flash-light (a slimmed down version of Adobe Flash), which is something that Apple REFUSES to support on both the iPhone and iPad. Even full Flash support is promised later this year. And Android 2.1 already supports multitasking, something that Apple has planned for release in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 due out later this year. Team that up with a nice email app, and a full HTML 4.0 compatible Webkit-based internet browser, and you’ve got one heck of a powerful device.

I don’t personally know anyone who has replaced their Blackberry with an Android phone. If you have, we’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Are you considering a DROID Phone?

  1. I had the Blackberry Storm (1) and just got the Incredible. I have had a couple of issues with my Network at work, but found an app. that took care of the problem. The apps are the best thing ever…. there is literally an app for everything! So far, the Incredible is blowing away my Storm. It’s so much simpler to text on the Incredible! and the pictures are great! Everyday I am learning new things and there are always forums to read and see what others are saying or doing to make things even better. Thumbs up to my Incredible!!!


  2. Bought the Incredible and it has been a great tool for the realtor. Easy fast internet service allows access to the MLS and local county web sites. The county web site allows me to look up property taxes and boundaries quickly while out with a client. Built in GPS with voice activated google search makes finding property an easy task. The droid app “virtual compass” makes finding corners of a property from the plat an easier job. The 10 mp camera does a super job taking property photos.


    1. The Billings association of Realtors told me that the Droid has not came out with the app for MLS for Realtors…..Do you know how I can get that downloaded for my phone?


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