How to Write a Press Release Mini Series – Day One of Five

Press Releases can be a great way to get information about yourself or your office on the Internet.  They are yet another avenue for the webmaster to build quality content.  Press Releases for a Real Estate Office can announce new hires or large transactions.  Remember all you need is a news worthy story to tell.

Why write one?

I guess the simplest reason is two-fold.  For the sake of this article it is another venue to supply keyword rich content to Google in order to further enhance your SERP.  Press Releases are a great alternate avenue to get content into the search engines.  The other benefit is they are treated as news so writing about your business makes them great Public Relation tools.

Writing the actual Press Release

When writing a press release you should report the news in third person.  You are essentially a reporter talking about the news.

All press releases share the same parts;

  1. Headline – This is your title and should not be too wordy.  Remember you are sending these to search engines like Google so keep them under 20 words.  Google only reads the first 63 characters.
  2. Sub-Headline – Sometimes you might need to amplify your headline you can use a sub-headline.  These go right after your headline and add additional detail needed that you could not fit in your headline.
  3. Scannable Content – Always write your content scannable.  Use bolding, lists, headings, sub-headings, and short paragraphs so people can easily read your release.  People tend to scan through pages and hone in on points of interest.
  4. Press Releases should be about timely material.
  5. First paragraph – This should contain your physical location (country, state, city), Month, Day, Year.  Start with a strong intro statement to capture your readers attention.  This paragraph should also summarize the whole release and entice people to read on.
  6. Additional paragraphs – This information should simply contain the detail about your release.  Dive into the more specific details.
  7. How long? I suggest you try to keep your release under 600 words to keep the readers attention.  Most releases contain several paragraphs with the final on summarizing your key points.
  8. Ending – End your press release with these characters ### immediately after your last sentence.

As the title suggests this is a multi-part mini series and since my main reason for writing about Press Releases is from a SEO stand point my next posts will dive into detail on how to enhance your SEO when writing a Press Release.


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