Is Social Media working for you?

If you’re a REALTOR®, hopefully you have been paying attention to the importance that social media has to have in your marketing plans. You’ve created a blog, setup your Facebook page, and installed a Twitter client on your mobile phone. But something just isn’t right. You THINK you’ve done everything you should have, but you’re just not getting the response that you had hoped for.

All is not lost, though. Most of the time, real estate professionals are simply not aware of the time that is needed to effectively create and maintain there social media outlets. Something else more pressing always comes up.  There are many reasons why your Social Media marketing has not taken off.  The folks over at Inman have put together the top 5 reasons why you may have gone off-track, along with suggestions on how to recover.

If you can recognize the problem and make adjustments, all of the experts state that using Social Media to it’s fullest is one of the best investments you can make in your marketing plans.

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