iPhone 4 is right around the corner — or will you wait for Verizon?

The rumor mill is still spinning wildly on this one. As you know, the iPhone is only available on the AT&T network. Like them or not, the general consensus is that their network simply isn’t as robust at Verizon’s. Add to that the recently launched iPad, AT&T customers may be in for even more data disappointments as it puts additional strain on their network.

4th Gen already

Sometime this month, Apple is rumored to be releasing the 4th generation of the iPhone. Among the anticipated new features are it’s dual cameras, and limited multi-tasking capabilities. But this new phone will only be released on the AT&T network, initially. But also rumored to be happening at SOME point during this year (presumably before the holiday season), is the release of the iPhone on the Verizon network. So that begs the question — do you buy or upgrade to an AT&T iPhone 4 NOW, or wait (patiently) for the iPhone on the Verizon network?

Verizon + iPhone = Best of Both Worlds ?

No one yet know what features the Verizon version of the iPhone will have, how much the plans will cost, or even when it will happen. One thing is for sure – AT&T does not appear to be taking any chances. Recently, they raised their Early Termination fees (ETF) – some say it’s an indication that they secretly fear a mass exodus of users over to Verizon when they start carrying the iPhone. While this is probably more propoganda than fact, AT&T would be unwise not to be concerned. Verizon generally has better coverage in most metropolitan areas, and a more stable data network. Something iPhone users would LOVE to have.

What about the alternatives?

Of course, you don’t even have to use an iPhone at all. I have to say that recently, I have been reading a lot about the Palm Pre and I like what I see. A lot of people gave up on Palm. Don’t forget — way back when, they had the best smartphone going – the Palm Treo. But various mishaps over the past few years made them lose market share. Now, HP has purchased Palm, and their latest handsets are sleek, functional, and MULTI-TASKING. And let’s not forget about all of the new Android devices, and the new upcoming Windows Mobile.  So many choices, each one with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Try to think about the top 3 features that are most important to you, then go try each of them out and see which one meets your needs the best.


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2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 is right around the corner — or will you wait for Verizon?

  1. One thing that prompted me to order the new iPhone 4th generation is that at least in our northwest Arkansas area, the local MLXchange (MLS) is offering the small addon that allows agents to use their phone to unlock lock-boxes instead of the key card. It’s not an app, but rather an actual piece of hardware that fits into the pin receptacle on the bottom of the iPhone. So, now my new Iphone will replace my old phone and that key I had to lug around everywhere. Oh and the fee for the key addon is the same as the old one so no additional cost:)


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