Quicktip: Free Google Fonts to spruce up your web site

Did you know that Google has released a set of newly-designed fonts for you to use on your web site or blog -- for FREE? That's right...just embed some simple code into your website to include the font library (you don't need to download the library - it is served up directly from Google's servers), … Continue reading Quicktip: Free Google Fonts to spruce up your web site

Differentiate Between SEO and Lead Generation – Part Two

SEO or search engine optimization is, in other words, website traffic generation BUT in no way means the same as lead generation. With a strong marketing and conversation plan website traffic can then become leads but you need to take the proper actions.

Facebook Joins Location-Based Social Networking

One of the newer spins on social networking is location-based Social Network. There are a few companies such as Foursquare, Yelp and Gowalla that have a long-established stronghold in this area. But Facebook has a tremendous user base and has the potential to overtake it's competitors if they do it right. And last week, they launched their version of location-based social networking called Facebook Places.

Blackberry Torch-iPhone “killer”, or just another Blackberry?

Last week, Research in Motion released the latest Blackberry model, the Torch, exclusively on the AT&T network. The Torch has a lot of pressure on it - it's no secret that RIM wants this device to be it's "iPhone Killer", and bring consumers back to the Blackberry platform. But will the Torch succeed? What has … Continue reading Blackberry Torch-iPhone “killer”, or just another Blackberry?