Thoughts on Link Building for the Real Estate Agent

I know when most of us think about link building we get a bit overwhelmed with just how does one build links?  I constantly talk about how any good SEO marketing plan must contain a good link building strategy for any Real Estate Agent.  So how does one go about building links without becoming lost in the daunting task of trying to get people to link to you.  Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Blogs – Blogs are a great way to build relevant links to your website.  Create and maintain a blog and post articles relevant to your website.  Then when they link back to your website you create relevant inbound links.  The more you post the more links you get.
  2. Create Lists – People love lists, i.e. Top 10 ways to drive more traffic to your site.  They are generally easy to write and people tend to like to link to them.  I know I do.  How about the Top 10 places to eat in your prime marketing area?
  3. PPC – Why not create a PPC (paid per click) campaign on Google perhaps.  Build SEO rich adwords and link to specific pages on your website.
  4. Article Websites – Become an authority of your subject matter and post articles to sites such as
  5. Pres Releases – Press Releases are a great way to get inbound links as well as get rich content into Google News and other news sources quickly and easily.  We use them all the time.
  6. Link Bait – I know this probably sounds a bit weird and maybe a little black hat but Link Bait simply means any content on your website people want to link to.  It can be a funny story, interesting video or perhaps some real good hyper local content.  As a Real Estate Professional write about the community, build a collection of relevant content around your communities and people interested in that area will surely find your content interesting

The one really significant thing that I think you must realize as a Real Estate Agent is that SEO was made for the REALTOR.  Why?  Well because of hyper local content.  Done properly it can bring you lots of success in both the traditional sense and also with long-tail keywords.

What ever you decide to do, Link Building should be a part of your overall SEO campaign.


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Link Building for the Real Estate Agent

  1. Just want to add building profile links using Web 2.0 sites is also very powerful since a lot of these sites are high authority already. Some example real estate Web 2.0 sites would be Active Rain, Zillow, Truila, Bigger Pockets, Google, etc.

    A lot of these sites let you add your url in your profile. The backlinks on these sites hold value in the eyes of Google and can help give you a boost in the SERP’s.


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