Facebook Messaging Announced – I bet Google is Thrilled

Social network giant Facebook announced today it will be rolling out what CEO Mark Zuckerberg called a “modern messaging system,” according to several news reports.

Of note I said messaging system, not email.  This new roll out contains a new twist on how we think of email and conversations.

Here is what the talk around the water cooler has this new messaging system doing.  I stopped by Joel Seligstein’s blog post on the subject and he had this to say.

  1. You decide on how you want your messages; e-mail, chat, Facebook messages or SMS text messaging.  YES everyone will get a @facebook.com email account as well.
  2. It seems wrong that an email message from your best friend gets sandwiched between a bill and a bank statement. It’s not that those other messages aren’t important, but one of them is more meaningful. With new Messages, your Inbox will only contain messages from your friends and their friends. All other messages will go into an Other folder where you can look at them separately. If someone you know isn’t on Facebook, that person’s email will initially go into the Other folder. You can easily move that conversation into the Inbox, and all the future conversations with that friend will show up there.
  3. Conversation histories – Messages will be in one place no matter how they are sent.  You can see everything that was discussed in one neat little place.

Zuckerberg stressed, “This is not an e-mail killer. This is a messaging experience that includes e-mail as one part of it,” according to tech blog TechCrunch.

For example, an e-mail could be received as a text message and vice versa.

“People should share however they want to share,” said Facebook engineer Andrew Bosworth.

Want to learn more try these links out for size.

The Facebook Message Tour

Joel’s Blog Post

This is a real exciting venture if it works they way they are explaining it.    I can’t wait to try it out and kick the tires.

So tell me what you think.

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