Having Trouble Closing? Ask Yourself, ‘How Would Buyers Rate my Home Staging?’ (Part Two)

Welcome back!  In my second part of my four part home staging post I want to talk about the exterior of the home.

Sit down with your client or agent and go through this list of home staging tips:
Tips on staging the exterior of your house/listing:

  1. First you need to step outside with a pen and paper and jot down anything that jumps out at you – then have a friend do the same
  2. Give your home a new paint job is the existing color is chipping or faded
  3. Are your shutters and door the same color? Think about a more neutral color to appeal to the majority of home buyers
  4. Always keep a neatly mowed lawn to enhance curb appeal, granted the season permits!
  5. You can never go wrong with laying mulch. Creating new flower/plant beds can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.
  6. Again, weather permitting, plant some flowers – particularly outside the front door.
  7. Make sure all the windows are spotless, inside and out!
  8. If possible power wash walk ways and drive ways of debris and weeds.
  9. If you have railings leading to the front door make sure they are rust free or have a fresh coat of paint.
  10. Lastly, if you have a nice front porch to make it welcoming! Position a nice bench or a pair of chairs in a way that in inviting.

Tips on staging the entryway of your house/listing:

  1. The entryway of any home will always be one of the most critical areas to stage, because it represents the home buys first impression of that home.
  2. Always keep the entryway open and free of clutter, this is a trick in making the home seems larger right from the get go.
  3. Make sure the entryway has plenty of light; this creates a warm and inviting feeling.
  4. Purchase a new welcome mat. Your $20 investment will be well worth it – trust me!

In a buyer’s market, you will need every advantage you can get in order to sell your home for a decent sale price, so it is very important to stage your home effectively. But even in a seller’s market home staging can help you achieve a quick sale for the maximum sale price.
Next I will be writing about staging the family or living room and kitchen. Please follow our blog for more Real Estate tips and tricks from RE/Advantage.


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