Having Trouble Closing? Ask Yourself, ‘How Would Buyers Rate my Home Staging?’ (three)

Tips on staging the family or living room of your house/listing

  1. Clear the room of family photographs, you want to create the illusion that your home is the buyer’s new home.
  2. Rearrange the furniture in a conversational way, meaning move chairs and tables around to create a comfortable environment for conversation.
  3. But be sure that it is not too cluttered either – remove ‘extra’ furniture while the home is being shown.
  4. Also think about either renting or borrowing newer looking furniture to stage the living space.
  5. If that is not possible purchase a neutral colored slip cover for your couch, living room chairs and foot stools.
  6. Make sure that living space is painted with a nice neutral color. Now this does not mean you are limited to creams and beiges, you can also use softer shades of green and blue.
  7. If you have a mantle make sure that is not clutter as well, a few pieces and a vase with fresh flowers will be the perfect balance.
  8. A fireplace should be the focal point of any living space. If you have one make sure you place seating around it in an inviting way. If you have a large television, set it away from the fireplace as it will be a distraction.

Tips on staging the kitchen of your house/listing

  1. Kitchens are notorious for being ‘ultra-cluttered’. Remove all unnecessary items and appliances including coffee pots and utensils from counter tops.
  2. Clean, clean, clean! Clean like your sale depends on it – because it reality it does! Pay particular attention to the sinks and stove, make sure they are sparkling.
  3. Turn on all the lights and open any curtains in your kitchen, keep it bright. If you have some darker areas in your space think about adding some recess lighting.
  4. If you have the money to do so, upgrade your appliances – this will add significant value to your home. This not only includes the stove, microwave and fridge but the faucets, lights and any other fixtures.
  5. Again, if applicable, upgrade your cabinets as well. If they are already in decent shape then think about changing the knobs or re-staining them.
  6. Re-paint your kitchen; go with a color either a shade darker or lighter than your living or family room. This will create an even flow from room to room.
  7. If you have an eat-in kitchen set a small table, again creating an inviting and comfortable environment.

In a buyer’s market, you will need every advantage you can get in order to sell your home for a decent sale price, so it is very important to stage your home effectively. But even in a seller’s market home staging can help you achieve a quick sale for the maximum sale price.

Next I will be writing about staging the bedrooms and bathrooms. Please follow our blog for more Real Estate tips and tricks from RE/Advantage.

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One thought on “Having Trouble Closing? Ask Yourself, ‘How Would Buyers Rate my Home Staging?’ (three)

  1. Thanks for the insightful tip, Megan. Too many sellers simply don’t realize that they are competing with lower-priced REO’s/Short Sales, so condition, pride-of-ownership, staging, etc., are the facets in which they (conventional sellers) can beat out the competition.


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