Summer is Upon Us…and I Know You Delayed Your Spring Cleaning!

I was recently reading an article on and came across this interesting approach to ‘spring cleaning’ as it relates to the real estate professional and your business/marketing plans.

Clean up your website

Have a friend or family member go through your site and ask them what drew them in and what drove them away. You’ll then get a base for where your website needs work. If revamping your entire site seems overwhelming, focus your efforts on simplifying your home page and ask yourself, ‘do I have the necessary lead generation tools in place?’.

Recognize that sellers are asking themselves four questions:

  • What’s for sale?
  • How much is my home worth?
  • How’s the market?
  • And why should I select you over the competition?

So write headlines on your Web site and other marketing materials that answer those four questions. Become more consumer-centric and less self-promotional!

Need suggestion or consultation on your website from a real estate internet solutions expert. RE/Advantage can suggest useful widgets and tools that make for a user friendly website that fits any budget. We also write website content and excel in the area of local community and amenity information.

Polish your listings

Spring is traditionally a season of optimism and growth. Try to tap into that mentality with buyers and sellers. Take a close look at your listings to ensure they’re coming across as fresh and welcoming. If a property has been on the market for a while, consider taking new photos for marketing materials and meeting with the seller to discuss additional changes that can be made inside the home to appeal to spring buyers. (fresh paint, potted plants, new windows etc.)

What’s the best way to display these listings on the internet? An IDX solution; this allows you to be the resource for hundreds if not thousands of listings fed to your website from your local MLS. Used correctly your IDX vendor should also include a lead management system and client portfolio tool that allows prospects and current buyers to save listings and searches and receive automated listings from the MLS – with your banding of course! If you currently display listings on your website trying re-wording your searches; drop the acronym MLS (because most of the time your clients/prospects have no idea what that even means!) say ‘Free Listings Search’ instead.

Scrub your data

By this I mean your lead management system. Hopefully by now you’re at least on an automated system to clearly tracts, organize and lays out a simple follow up plan on your leads, prospects and current clients. Regardless whether you are an agent or a broker, concretely preparing this lead management plan can only benefit you in the long run. Then you can develop a measuring system to see if your ‘lead management plan’ is actually working for you!

A good web designer should have designer your website with an integrated lead and content management system that allows for easy web content editing and quick access to your lead and prospect contact information. If you are looking for a new web solution make sure you keep in mind the ease of use AFTER the site is create and deployed. You do not want to have to contact you web master every time you need to make simple changes.


RE/Advantage specializes in Real Estate Website Design, IDX Solutions, and Internet Technology. We have been working with the Real Estate Industry for over 10 years so we understand what makes a site work for you and your buyers and sellers. After all we have been developing real estate web sites, Internet tools and marketing strategies since 1997. No one provides a more comprehensive, well-thought-out site and tool set for your Internet presence. We provide you with not only the tools to manage and customize your site, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to help if you need us.

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