Key Components of Web Content SEO

When thinking about how to build a web page or blog post, consider these tips when writing.  It is important you think about the SEO (search engine optimization) value of your page or post so you can get the best possible exposure for your page.  Real Estate Professionals should take advantage of SEO because you have a defined market area you can build upon.

  1. Content is KING – I have written several posts and my resonating message has always been – ‘nothing can replace good quality content’.  Your content should be unique (not copied from other sites) and should be keyword rich.  Now some people may want to try to write content to optimize the visibility of the search engine, but lets remember, Google is not reading your post, humans are.  With that in mind, you need to be aware of the SEO considerations for your post AND make your posts/content are readable and enjoyable for your readers.
  2. Keywords – Take a little time to do some keyword research.  Keywords are the fundamental backbone of your SEO strategy.  Choosing the correct keywords become vital to your overall SEO success. Long tail keywords drive hyper-local content; and hyper local information is a REALTORS® best friend.  Leveraging this can be a key to your successful SEO campaign.  Knowing your market is also important to your success.  Perhaps the most overlooked and under used concept is keyword research.  Keyword research is vital to your success but I see very few of my Real Estate clients using it.  When you research keywords you are also breaking down your market segment.  Read more here an my previous post “Keyword Strategy“.
  3. Think Long Term – SEO does not happen over night.  You need to have patience.  You also should have a game plan.  If you are blogging be consistent and post on a schedule.  Remember not only are you building SEO pages but you are also trying to build a reputation as being an authority in your market area.
  4. Link Building – Building quality links is another important aspect of any SEO design; inbound, outbound and internal.  Read some more on Link Building at my post titled “Thoughts on Link Building for the Real Estate Agent“.
  5. Don’t Spam – I know some of us want to try and ‘keyword stuff’ our posts in an attempt to move higher in our SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  However this can backfire and get your post or page filtered out of the search engine results.  Remember follow the rules for Google, Yahoo and the other major Search Engines.
  6. Long Tail Keywords – In the Real Estate Industry sometimes going after the long tail keywords can have a high return.  While you will see less leads, the ones you get will be highly qualified.  Long tail keyword are simply keywords that are very specific.  For example Edgewater New Jersey is an example of a keyword phrase while Admiral’s Walk Edgewater New Jersey Condos  is an example of a long tail keyword.  When people tend to type these into a Search Engine they are regarded as highly qualified since they are looking for such a specific result.  Having several pages of Long Tail Keywords most of the times work better than having a few pages of simple broad keywords.

In the Real Estate market you have a lot of competition in your area.  So being diligent in posting with SEO become vital.  While it might take bit more time, the pay off is going to be the leads it brings in.  If you don’t have the time look towards hiring someone of getting help,  RE/Advantage offers SEO services and can assist you in your SEO campaign as well.

What does your SEO market plan consist of.  Share with us anything you might do that I did not address.


RE/Advantage specializes in Real Estate Website Design, IDX Solutions, and Internet Technology. We have been working with the Real Estate Industry for over 10 years so we understand what makes a site work for you and your buyers and sellers. After all we have been developing real estate web sites, Internet tools and marketing strategies since 1997. No one provides a more comprehensive, well-thought-out site and tool set for your Internet presence. We provide you with not only the tools to manage and customize your site, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to help if you need us.

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