Helpful Tips when using Twitter for Real Estate

Twitter is a great micro-blogging network where REALTORS® can post tweets (or 140 character updates) to their followers. Many people use Twitter to tweet about their day, relationship status or opinions on trending topics – but REALTORS® can harness Twitter to generate business.

Real Estate professionals should tweet about:

  • open houses
  • listings changes/price changes
  • webinars or small seminars you host
  • community events (in your niche market)
  • useful links or resources that can be retweet

Always remember to use a hash sign (#) at the end of EVERY post! This is the way you will be found on Twitter – the hash symbol is used to indicate a keyword or phrase your tweet is about that is then cataloged. Your tweet will be archived for future tweet searches around your ‘#keyword(s)’. You can also follow other Twitter users by typing in keywords you may use in your tweets; get ideas, stay informed and learn from their success!

Sample Tweet:

“Open House today @ 123 Main St in Hoboken NJ. C U @ 130!”


Twitter only allows a user to post updates of 140 characters or less so making the most of your tweets is VERY important.

Here are some useful tips and acronyms to remember when tweeting:

  • When responding to or directing a comment at another user reference their username and they will get a notification of the tweet (example: Great game last night with great friends! @yankeelove @yank25fan)
  • Via = can be used to when retweeting and you are identifying who or where your info came from
  • Use letters in place of words (c = see | u = you)
  • Use numbers in place of words (4 = for | 2 = to/too)
  • 4u2c = for you to see
  • @ = at
  • Bc | b/c = because
  • Btw = by the way
  • Fwd = forward
  • Re = regarding (used to reference)
  • Ty = thank you
  • Thx = thanks
  • Tmrw = tomorrow
  • W | w/ = with
  • Wo | w/o = without
  • Rly = really
  • Pls = please
  • Abt = about
  • Thght = thought

Creating a strong Twitter presence and group of followers would be great for your real estate business – leveraging Twitter and using it correctly will GET you business.

4 thoughts on “Helpful Tips when using Twitter for Real Estate

  1. I would only suggest tweeting anything “salesy” such as listings or price changes on a twitter account for just that purpose. I have 4 twitter accounts, I that is me, and I actually talk to people and 3 others that spew out the spammy listings, price changes etc.

    If someone walks up to every person at a party and says “3 bedroom 2 bath home for sale in anytown for $350,000″…how long would you talk to that person?

    Same with twitter. If all you do is post listings, open houses, price changes, I am not going to follow you.


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