Android is Now the King of the Smartphones

It seems like it was just yesterday that Apple introduced the iPhone (and it’s accompanying iOS Operating System). It was truly revolutionary and changed the smartphone market forever. And now, just a few short years later, and with the help (and bottomless pockets) of Google, the Android operating system has officially outpaced Apple’s flagship as having the largest share of the US Smartphone market, according to a new report from Nielsen.

The thing to remember about this is that Apple still dominates the actual Smartphone hardware market, since they exclusively make every single iOS-based device on the market. Android, on the other hand, is shared by several manufacturers, most notably HTC, Motorola and Samsung. And of course, there is our old friend, the Blackberry. While we don’t really hear too much buzz from our favorite Canadian phone manufacturer, they still hold 20% of the market, due largely in part to a huge, devoted corporate user base.

Windows who?

Yes, believe it or not, Microsoft DOES make a Smartphone operating system called Windows Mobile 7. While it is somewhat slick and innovative, it just can’t seem to make a big jump to knock out one of the top 3.

The Little HP Engine that could

Before the iPhone, there was a little company called Palm. They were THE smartphone company, with their widely popular Treo. The problem is that they simply didn’t innovate fast enough and got left in the dust. They re-wrote the PalmOS a few years back and launched WebOS, which still didn’t win people over. Recently, HP stepped in and purchased the struggling company, and poured a lot into R&D to come out with some new hardware based on WebOS and improved upon the OS itself. The HP tablet was just released, and while it does have some kinks to work out, it certainly appears to be a very nice device.

What’s your Smartphone of choice? Have you experimented with serveral smarthones over the years? We’d love to hear what your OS of choice is and why you chose it.

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