Why REALTORS® Should Use Linked In

One of the main reasons to use Linked In is to gain professional connections. By linking up with mortgage professionals, appraisers and even other agents (for referrals) you can build a great network around internet ‘word of mouth’ business! Linked In is used as a glorified, more personal resume builder. Real Estate professionals are able to list current and past work, schooling, designations and specialties for prospects and clients to view.

When creating a profile you must keep in mind that Linked In is being used as a mini search engine – so the better you use your keywords the better your chance of being found on Linked In. So what profile aspects should you focus on:

  • Your Description
  • Your Current/Past Work
  • Your Summary
  • Your Specialties

You should also think about customizing your profile/account URL this way you can put your Linked In URL on your email signatures and newsletter for added exposure. How to customize your Linked in URL: go to the “Edit Profile” tab and click “Public Profile” at bottom left. Once you’re on this page, on the far right you will see “Your Current URL.” This is where you can customize your LinkedIn domain name so you can better brand your account.

Linked In groups are another great way to cultivate relationships and generate leads. It is important to join and create groups, this way you get resourceful information from the groups you’ve joined and leverage marketing for the groups you’ve created. Many real estate professionals RE/Advantage has worked with said that business happens from the personal ‘question and answer’ environment Linked In fosters.

If you would like to learn more about Linked In and how to leverage business using this social media platform, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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