Mobile Listings Search

REALTORS® – mobile websites and QR codes are the newest ‘must have’ in marketing your business and services online. Nearly everyone you see has an iPhone, BlackBerry or Andriod smart-phone…meaning they have a mobile, internet capable device – which means your reach can go far beyond print media and computers! Capitalizing on an ever changing, technology driven world is important and being able to offer property information on a smart-phone brands you as a smart-Agent!

Benefits of Mobile IDX

  • Instant Gratitude – prospects will get property information sooner then ever
  • Exposure – being branded to every listing on a mobile device will launch your brand. Your name and contact information should appear everywhere!
  • Location Based Searching – since a MOBILE phone is being used, GPS based searches are available
  • Lead Capture – your mobile solution should be built with a lead capture form making it simpler for your prospects to get in contact with you about specific listings

What is important to you regarding mobile business marketing? QR codes? Mobile website? – We’d like to know!

For more information on RE/Advantage’s Mobile IDX $99 Special please contact us!

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