Got SEO? Some Important Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you should always consider the following questions.  SEO is VERY important for your Blog or Website.  Done right it can bring you a wealth of new prospects.  Done incorrectly you can waste a lot of time and money or both.

Q: How long does it take for me to see my website in Google or Bing?

A: There is really no direct answer to this question.  Some people see results in days and some in weeks. Also some is perception.  What I mean is if your niche is “The Admirals Walk in Edgewater New Jersey” you may see results in days since it is such a small niche and oly returned a few hundred results.  If your target is Real Estate you may not see any results for months if ever although out of the 5,00,000 results yours actually ranked 4,126,743.

Q: Who is the King? Google, Yahoo or Bing?

A: Google still the king of the hill in terms of volume but all 3 engines have appeal to different people.  My advice is treat them all well and try to optimize for all of them.  Since they all have different algorithms for ranking your website you may see better results on one over the other.

Q: How long do I have worry about optimizing my website?

A: SEO is let me set it up once and forget about it.  You need to review your website and tweak your SEO all the time.  Over time your rankings will keep on getting better but their is always someone out there wanting to rank higher than you.  So keep on top of your website’s SEO.
Q: Who should be doing my SEO?

A: Like anything in life, 2 things factor who should be doing your SEO.  Time and money.  If you have the knowledge and time to do your own SEO then go for it.  Otherwise you might want to hire a professional.  Either way the goal is to get it done right and be consistent.

Q: How do I measure my success?

A: There are a few ways to measure your success.  You can buy SEO software that can crawl the search engines and determine your rankings or a more direct way to look at it is to actually see an increase in traffic to your website.  Surely measure your conversion rate, how many people are coming from Internet sources.

This is no means a complete list but a great start.  How do you measure your SEO success?  Do you have a great tip you want to share?  Let’s build this list to make it a great resource for others.

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