I’ve Set Up My Real Estate Blog…Now What?

I’m sure many of our followers have been to seminar after seminar where they are told ‘all real estate professionals MUST have a blog…’ – and that I do agree with, but once your blog is setup and you’re ready to post many REALTORS® run into 2 problems:

1. What the heck do I, as a REALTOR®, blog about?

2. What type of lead capture tools does my blog have to get me business?

These are very common questions and without some direction many REALTORS® get overwhelmed and scrap the whole idea of blogging. When you finally give in and decide to create a blog you should sit down and create a blogging plan. Jot down notes on your target audience (their age, salary, lifestyle etc.), your niche market(s) – and from that information your KEYWORDS! You can think up multiple blogs posts by having a great list of keywords focused around your audience and niche market.

What to blog about (again keep in mind your ideal reader and niche market):

  • Answer questions proposed by past or current clients at open houses, showings etc.
  • Profiles on local home builders
  • ‘25’ unknown facts about your city/town etc.
  • ‘10’ steps to home buying/selling
  • Pros and cons (renting vs buying, types of mortgages)
  • Client success stories or testimonials are great to throw into the mix
  • Local school information
  • Local Shopping
  • Transportation or proximity to major cities or attractions
  • Condo complexes
  • New construction
  • Retirement homes
  • Seasonal properties
  • Market statistics for those analytically driven buyers/sellers! This will also be helpful is you create local snapshots to send to prospects every month.

So you’ve written your posts and maintain a steady flow of articles, have evergreen topics (meaning topics that are always relevant) as well as more timely article topics…what tools or features does your blog have to capture leads? While the ‘once in awhile’ email question is always great there are far better – easier – ways to capture leads through your blog.

What lead capture tools do I have:

  • Email capture form
  • Pop over subscription box
  • RSS feed subscription
  • Comment registration

Let us know if this helps – what lead capture features do you use? Also if you need some tips on writing a blog post, we have those too!


Here’s a Freebee…Blogging Checklist:

  • Have an eye catching title
  • Have keywords in title
  • Have compelling introduction
  • Have keywords in first paragraph
  • Have bolded keywords
  • Have scannable content
  • Have descriptions and tags
  • Have photos and/or videos
  • Entice closing to create interaction

2 thoughts on “I’ve Set Up My Real Estate Blog…Now What?

  1. Bloggers want to know what to expect from a Realtor. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. As homeowners they would also want to know can they stay and experience the community before purchasing a home and later be surprised or find out hidden facts.

    NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS! How much will this cost, people want to know about escrow etc. Buyers have to trust their Realtor enough to know they will help them find the right property for them and their family or whomever.


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