What is Good SEO?

Trying to rank your pages on Google or Bing can be a daunting task sometimes and if you ask several SEO experts you are likely to get several different answers.

So what is the best method to achieve some degree of success?  Well I could not tell you in one blog post every way you can better your SEO but what I can tell you is what I tell most of my clients that want to do it themselves.


By far the best way to have the Search Engines see you is to write good, original and dynamic content.  There is no better way to be forgotten than to copy or write a poorly constructed page.


Its all about the keywords, think of the keyword phrase you want to rank on and then formulate your page around it.  Your keyword phrase should be in the following places;

  1. Meta Title
  2. H1 tag of your body
  3. Preferably the first readable words on your page
  4. Repeated 3-5 more times in a 300-500 word post

This is a very simplified approach to keyword placement but for most do it yours-elvers it works well.


Getting inbound links from authoritative sources is a great way to build a pages reputation.

When you can cite any sources with an outbound link

Finally use internal links to associated your pages. For example an article about Luxury Townhomes in Bergen County, you might link this page to another page on your website or blog that talked about Luxury Home Market Statistics.  Your HREF should also try to carry your keywords.

Useful Content:

Make sure you content is informative, entertaining or interesting.  Not only does the search engines need to read your pages so do humans.  If you are not a good writer than you might consider hiring someone that can.


When it comes to search engines they like to ranks sources that are authoritative in nature to the subject matter.  And the best way to do that is to become a content kink of your subject matter by writing good original pages, consistent publication (you cannot just write 2 or 3).

So the next time you sit down to write a blog post of web page think about some of this.  If you have any other simple ideas please share them with us.

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