The ‘What’ and ‘How’ Regarding Facebook Posts

Last week I posted an article on Facebook Business/Fan Pages and why it is important to your business to get involved with social media – particularly Facebook if you are a Real Estate professional. Hopefully over the weekend you were able to digest that information and came to the conclusion that you NEED an online presence if you want to succeed in Real Estate today – so as promised here is my list on the ‘WHAT’ and ‘HOW’ to post on your Facebook Business/Fan Page:

WHAT and HOW to Post Effectively to your Facebook Business/Fan Page:

  1. Photo and video posts yield 85% more interaction among fans than plain text updates
  2. Post at least twice a day
    • Think about your niche market (are they local or national…or international for that matter!) and post a useful link, tip or informative update between 9am – 12pm (if you live on the east coast and market to west coast prospects you need to wait 3 to4 more hours).
    • Your nightly post, after 6pm, can be a link to a news article or blog post you find relevant to your market.
    • Keep in mind that morning posts yield 65% more interaction.
  3. Content format should be:
    • 25% personal (this keeps the soft sell in mind and a personal side to your online business). Example you have 2 children and there is a local community pumpkin decorating night – broadcast that special event.
    • 25% promotional (offer freebies, run specials, giveaways). Example you have an REO specific fan page, run a special that will award fans a free market snapshot of distressed homes in your area for interacting with your page…’like this photo (could be your listing photo) and receive a free market snapshot for the Pleasantville area!’
    • 25% hyper-local (very specific area information). Example your fan page is about a specific community; write a restaurant review (of a local favorite eatery) and post a video tapped interview of the head chef or restaurant owner.
    • 25% market resource info (buyers and sellers tips, market statistics, national events/news). Example your local MLS should provide you with much of this information but offering monthly market stats or a sellers checklist is always beneficial to your fans.
  4. There are 3 main types of business/fan pages for REALTORS®
    • Geographical: should include local area information, school reports, restaurant reviews, local park and recreational activities, town sponsored events etc.
    • Niche: should include information on your niche, whether it be REO’s, short sales, retirement communities, rentals, vacation homes, lake front homes, country clubs etc.
    • Referral: should NOT include anything about ANY listings. Your main goal is to gather a community of national/international REALTORS® and broadcast your expertise in your area (market stats, REALTOR® tools/videos etc.) that way when a REALTOR® has a client looking to relocate they have an easy contact – YOU!

A great mind-set for a Facebook Business/Fan page is to simply be informative! You do not want to constantly blast information on your listings, your office listings and…oh yeah more listings! You want to grow a community of like minded individuals and once you are branded as a resource to that area or niche your ‘word of mouth’ marketing will go far beyond your followers. Keep the ‘I HAVE A GREAT LISTING’ posts to a minimum – open houses are good weekly posts; even new to market listings but cut your listing promotions there.

I do hope these past articles have helped you better understand Facebook and how to harness and leverage it’s power in this technology driven market. If I’ve left out an important point please share with us – how do you succeed in your online marketing strategies with regards to Facebook or other social networking sites?

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