iPhone 4S fever – does it make sense to upgrade?

Apple released it’s much anticipated update to it’s flagship mobile phone, sadly, a day before it’s founder Steve Jobs passed away. Many had hoped that the next iPhone would really bring the product a step above the best offerings from the Android camp. Features like 4G and mobile hotspot functionality were among the things missing from the current iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, the upgrades were less than spectacular:

  • improved camera quality, 1080p HD video recording, with additional in-phone controls and higher resolution
  • Siri – the advanced voice-command system
  • dual core A5 chip
  • iOS5 with it’s improved Notification Center, iMessage, and iCloud support
  • Sprint was added as the 3rd US wireless carrier to offer it
  • NO 4g support
  • NO mobile hotspot functionality

Don’t get me wrong – there are some REALLY nice features in this iPhone release and in iOS5. But does it make sense to upgrade from your original iPhone4, or should you wait for the next release (which is presumably at least a year away)? If you’re eligible for an upgrade, the lowest priced iPhone 4S will set you back $199 (16gb model). That’s a nice chunk of change to lay out for “yesterday’s” technology. 4G is the big buzz word and even though it’s still very new, there are quite a few Android 4G phones to choose from. And let’s face it, Android is Apple’s biggest competitor (it used to be Blackberry). While 4G phones may have their issues, such as poor battery life, they are still the hottest things going in the mobile marketplace. Everyone wants SPEED. And Apple didn’t give it to us.

Make it, and they shall buy

Regardless of the disappointing feature-set, Apple-lovers worldwide have apparently made it clear – they don’t care about 4G. Apple has announce that they have sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S in the first 3 days of sale. It has also bested the original iPhone 4’s record by selling more than 1 million in the first 24 hours alone (compared to the original iPhone 4’s record of 600,000). While the Siri voice software is garnering rave reviews, is it really enough to warrant spending another $200 on a phone that is still behind the pack when it comes to internet speed? We’d love to hear from you on this topic.

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