Mobile Website for Real Estate Professionals

Today most of your home buyers are using Smart Phones in their daily life and relying on them heavily for instant information. Given this fact having a mobile website can greatly benefit today’s real estate professional.

With this rapidly growing user base it is important that you have a proper mobile presence. One thing you want to avoid is having your buyers go to your regular website. Most regular websites are not mobile friendly in terms of their user interface and how fast pages load.  Plus a Real Estate Mobile Website will take advantage of your cell phone’s GPS to provide current listing information of homes around you. Real Estate Mobile websites also have a sleek design to fit your phone, are designed to load fast on any device (since bandwidth is always an issue) and are highly customizable with other features and content.

What is Agent Central Mobile?

Agent Central Mobile is a complete set of mobile real estate solutions designed exclusively for Real Estate Agents and Offices. Agent Central Mobile is currently available in 3 different versions:

  1. IDX Search
  2. Agent Plus
  3. Office Plus

Agent Central Mobile provides a full IDX property search of all listings, GPS location search, custom pages, SEO friendly content, lead capture forms and one-touch phone calls on participating mobile browsers.

All leads from Agent Central Mobile are captured through our Agent Central Max Lead Management System, making it easy to follow up with customers, view the listings they have viewed, and more.

Why Not an App?

Today most agents spend a considerable amount of time on SEO (search engine optimization) and other online marketing. With Agent Central Mobile you can continue to take advantage of this trend.

Also, an app usually only performs searching – while a mobile website can be customized, changed and edited with little effort.

While apps seem cool and trendy, consumers will still find you through search engines like Google and be directed to your mobile website. Mobile sites require no downloading to use – your clients and prospects simple click on your shortcut button on their mobile phones home screen. With Internet marketing (including mobile marketing and search engine optimization) expected to surpass $55 billion by 2014, mobile websites will play a vastly growing role in your business.

To find out how you can take advantage of the mobile market – contact us today.

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