Agents Have You Tried Marketing with Facebook Ads? Why Not!

Real estate agents and brokers work hard to communicate with as many potential target buyers and sellers as possible.  Many REALTORS® have beefed up their Web sites through SEO (search engine optimization), social networking, press releases, article marketing and perhaps even a pay-per-click campaigns like Google AdWords.  Even with all the promising ways to enhance your online presence there is another source you might want to consider.  Facebook Ads are a cost effective way to reach a large target base.

One of the main advantages of using Facebook ads is that  Facebook has the ability to target potential home buyers and RE/Advantage FB Adsellers by their interests, age, education, connections and even their location.  This is very important because it not only lets you target by geo location but also certain demographics such as interests and age.  If you only target empty nestors why have ads targeting people in their twenties. That being said Facebook allows you to effectively target market your real estate services to a select group of people all at a reasonable cost.

According to comScore, Facebook ads accounted for more than one third of all impression ads. With over 800 million users Facebook presents a huge reason for you to consider them as another source for your marketing.

If you are thinking about setting up a Facebook Business Page or Ad we can help. As with any advertising, you must understand the goals and objectives for your campaign and know how to measure the results using Facebook Insights. Insights can show you who is clicking on which ads, who is liking your Business Page and also stats like churn and post interaction.

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