Mobile Technology – Changing the SEO World as We Know It

By 2014 mobile technology is projected to overtake desktop computer use — that’s only 2 years away folks. REALTORS® spend time and money making sure their websites are SEO (search engine optimization) friendly by the standards of web developers and SEO specialists today but with mobile technology quickly taking over the way we (home buyers/sellers) use the internet, real estate professionals MUST TAKE NOTE!

Five differences between desktop and mobile internet use:

  1. Type-search: we all know how to execute an internet search – open Google, type in your keywords and BOOM; results. But mobile technology has changed that process (making it easier for the user) by using ‘predictive text’ keyword strings. This is going to change the keywords used when searching for real estate related results. Link building and long tail keywords are great for desktop internet searches but be sure to do your homework on keyword strings for mobile devices before you spend your time and money on optimizing your mobile website.
  2. Voice search: there has been a rise in popularity of using voice search on mobile devices via Google and Yahoo search apps, or Apple Siri for example. This, again, makes internet searching easier for the user but requires more optimization from the REALTOR®. Instead of a prospect typing “New Jersey Real Estate” into Google they may say “Affordable Housing in New Jersey with Top Rated Schools” — so again comes that research needed to maximize your keywords in order to optimize your mobile websites.
  3. Sociability: mobile internet use is dominated by social media, topping 90% of total use already! I’ve stressed the importance of social media in real estate marketing plans in previous posts so I am going to keep this bullet short — if you are not using Facebook, Twitter, a blog, YouTube or any other social networking platform now good luck my friend!
  4. Geo-Targeting: geo-location is used to enhance website and search functionality to show localized search results. Mobile users are on the move (DUH!) therefore search results are highly likely to fluctuate more on mobile devices than desktop computers because of the change in location where the internet search is being preformed. Make sure your mobile website is built with the tools necessary to offer the best localized information.
  5. Immediacy: mobile users want information on the spot, so giving them the resources needed will enhance the ‘stickiness’ of your mobile website (stickiness – meaning prospects keep coming back to your site/app). If you have an easy to use/understand listing search solution, dynamic content and great response time on your lead follow up you are definitely ahead of the game.

So with that in mind REALTORS® and their web masters have a lot on their plate. Technology is always changing and we need to keep up! Be sure to think about the list above when managing your internet marketing presences. Good Luck!

RE/Advantage has the tools and knowledge necessary to give you a great mobile solution with built in location based search-ability (in regards to listing searches for your prospects) and SEO friendly content building for your mobile website. Let us know what we can help you with!

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