Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

I get a lot of questions on writing a good blog post with rich keywords, scannable content while making sure it is still SEO friendly.  Below is a fictitious post about a condominium.  At the end of the article I summed up the major on-page factors that I considered important in writing this post. While this does not represent all that could be done to make an effective SEO post, it does cover the major items you must consider.


The Pinnacle in Houston is Condominium living at its best.  As you enter The Pinnacle, prepare to be overwhelmed by breathtaking views showcased through high ceilings and curved glass walls spanning half the floor. This luxurious penthouse, featuring 2 BR + library and 3.5 BA, offers amazing scale and a spacious layout with a gourmet kitchen, marble bathrooms and expansive walk-in closets. Everyday amenities include concierge services, underground parking, and a fitness center with a 75-foot pool — all in a vibrant location just minutes from the Transit Building. Undeniably, the best of luxury living taken to new heights.

The Pinnacle Residences

The Pinnacle offers a wide variety of floor plans to suit your lifestyle. Residences feature 9-foot ceilings and expansive windows to maximize your view of the city or private courtyard while inviting abundant natural light into each home.

  • LOBBY – Your stylish front door gives way to an elegant, light-filled lobby where you will be greeted by a lobby ambassador.
  • LIVING ROOM – The flowing curves of The Pinnacle are as distinctively inspiring inside as they are from the outside.
  • KITCHEN – The kitchen has been artfully designed to cater to the needs of the most discriminating chef.
  • BATHROOM – There is a wonderful sense of richness in the design of the master baths.

The Pinnacle – Houston Condominium Amenities

In addition to being visually stunning, The Pinnacle in Houston amenities are defined by a combination of sublime luxury and superior functionality.

  • RESTAURANT – The celebrated culinary team of Scot Desort, Dan Cotto, Beverly Lazzaro and Lyndsey Mavi are set to open a new restaurant in The Pinnacle.
  • CONCIERGE – Homeowners enjoy the benefits of a full-time, on-site concierge team.
  • FITNESS CENTER – The 5,000-square-foot fitness center is fully equipped with state-of-the art cardio and weight training equipment.
  • SWIMMING POOL – Your 75-foot lap pool features an intricately designed mosaic wall, and shimmering natural light from the skylights above.

For additional information on please contact Megan Lade at 555-555-3000 or inquire online here.


Here are the factors I considered when I wrote this post.  I also explained each one of them so you can understand how they were used in the post.

Keyword Phrase: The Pinnacle Houston

Total Post Word Count: 325

Keyword Frequency: 2.5% (Keyword density refers to the ratio of keywords within the total number of index-able words within a post.  Good rule of thumb is to have this ratio between 2%-8%.)

Keyword Density: 8 (Keyword frequency refers to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a post.  Good rule of thumb is I like to follow is having my total word count between 300-500 words and my keyword density between 7-12.)

Keyword Prominence: 1 (Keyword prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a post. The general rule of thumb is to place important keywords at, or near, the start of a post, sentence, and in your META TITLE, META KEYWORDS, and META DESCRIPTION.

Keyword Proximity: Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. In general, the closer the keywords are, the better.

For example:

  • The Pinnacle in Houston – Luxury Condo’s
  • Houston’s Luxury Condo’s – The Pinnacle

Using the example above, if someone searched for “Pinnacle Houston,” a post containing the first sentence is more likely to rank higher than the second. The reason is because the keywords are placed closer together. This is assuming that everything else is equal, of course.

Notice my first keyword phrase in the actual post was “The Pinnacle in Houston”. Most people looking for The Pinnacle in Houston Texas would type into Google; “Pinnacle Houston”

Tags: The Pinnacle, Houston Luxury Condominiums (Blog post tags.  Use them to describe your post)

By thinking about this style writing for keyword rich posts you can hopefully gain some good SERP results.  If you consider writing good quality content coupled with smart use of your keyword phrases you can most likely build a good post and have some success with SEO. Remember while I like to always think SEO on every post, sometimes that is simply not possible or the post itself does not lend itself to any relevant keyword terms besides broad terms like Real Estate.  In these cases, quality writing is most important because ranking higher in broader keyword terms is extremely difficult.

5 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

  1. You forgot to tell about Keyword Stuffing & Keyword Density. When keywords are inserted more than required times it is called Keyword Stuffing.

    You also forget to mention about Keyword Variation and Keyword Formatting. We must put our keyword in bold and H1,H2,H3 tags. This is called Keyword Formatting.


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