Five “Top 10” Lists for REALTOR® Web Content Writing – Part Two

For everyone that followed along yesterday here is part two of my article on Five Top 10 Lists for REALTOR® Web Content Writing. (if you missed it read Part One!)

Top 10 Things to Know About Foreclosure

  1. Foreclosure is a process, not a thing: foreclosure is a series of events not a state of being. Lenders do not foreclose on homeowners they foreclosure on a property
  2. The foreclosure process has 4 phases: rights and options vary on the stage of your home and the state you live in. Know what laws apply to you
  3. Difficult financial situations do not mean foreclosure: steps to avoid foreclosure
  4. Mortgage lenders are not real estate agents: they would rather work with you to keep your home then go through the process to get it on the market
  5. You can sell you home quick when foreclosure is knocking: if you keep an aggressive, motivated attitude and keep your home in good condition to sell if can be sold fast (short sale)
  6. Missed payments – all is not lost: even if you’ve missed mortgage payments there are ways to stop foreclosure
  7. A short sale is better than foreclosure: what’s the difference?
  8. Foreclosure has major legal, tax and credit consequences
  9. Buying a foreclosure: Crunch the numbers first to make sure you really are getting a deal
  10. Understand your mortgage: many homeowners who end up in foreclosure say they were unaware of some crucial pieces of information about their mortgage

Top 10 Projects That Add to Your Homes Value

  1. Conquer Clutter: cleaning and de-cluttering is by far the most cost-effective way to add value to your home. Your home will look larger and more livable AND makes a great first impression on homebuyers. Buyers want to see a clean, neutral space where they can envision their own belongings.
  2. Add Insulation: energy-efficient upgrades have two advantages, they add value to your home and they save you money in the long run.
  3. Build a Fence: adding a fence to your property can enhance its appearance, give you extra privacy. Remember to check your local zoning codes!
  4. Finish the Basement: If you’re willing to take on a major remodeling project, finishing your basement.
  5. Repair and Clean the Gutters: While they’re certainly not a home’s most exciting feature, gutters should be at the top of your list of exterior updates.
  6. Add Outdoor Lighting: If you have a patio or deck that doesn’t get much use, start making it more welcoming by installing outdoor lighting.
  7. Tidy your Lawn: When it comes to adding value to your home, curb appeal is key! Reseed any bad areas and, season permitting, plant some colorful flowers.
  8. Maximize Storage Space: Real estate professionals agree that ample storage space tops most homebuyers’ wish lists. Closet organization systems can be customized to fit most closets and you can often install them yourself.
  9. Update Fixtures: Simply replacing old fixtures and hardware can give an outdated bathroom or kitchen a stylish, contemporary look.
  10. Upgrade Appliance: The kitchen is one room where upgrades almost always bring a large return on investment. One way to improve your kitchen is to simply replace your old appliances. Stainless steel is the current standard.

Top 10 Reasons to Live in (your niche community/area)

This one is up to you! Select a local community or area in your niche and create a Top 10 list of reasons people/families should move there. You can also create Top 10 lists of your favorite restaurants, town activities, top 10 local shops — anything you can think of!

I hope you found these posts helpful in jump starting your content writing for 2012. What type of posts or articles have you found to get the most response from your readers?

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