Tips on Keeping (or increasing) Your Rankings on Google

Update Your Content and Keep It Fresh and Exciting

Adding up-to-date content that is full of useful information for buyers and sellers is important to keep Web site visitors coming back for more.  Real estate agents should add useful resource links for community information and schools. Check all your existing resource links and make sure the sites they point to are still there. If you are displaying listings on your site make sure your prices current. Keeping your content current will ensure that your site is optimally positioned for the most relevant search terms.

Keep Optimizing your Title tags and Meta Tags

Make sure that the new page you added has been properly tagged using the correct Meta tags and that text includes targeted long tailed keywords. Typically, many Web site owners are diligent when they first optimize their sites, but when they add new pages to their site.  They forget that these too need to be optimized. If you r page is talking about local community content, be sure to be as detailed as possible. The more unique you content is the better the chance of great rankings.

Google Toolbar

If you haven’t done so already, try downloading the Google Toolbar. This great tool sits alongside your Web browser and has some very useful features. It will show you the Page Rank of each site you visit. This is a rank out of ten that indicates how relevant Google thinks the page is. The higher the number, the better ranked the Website is likely to be in Google search results. This tool will let you see how other real estate agents are ranking and it will serve to make you react accordingly to make sure site more optimized.
Monitor All Backward Links to Your Site

The quality and quantity of links that point to your Website can affect your search engine position. Using the Google Toolbar, you can view all backward links for the Websites you visit. Use this to find all the sites that point to your own Website and make sure they list your site correctly with your targeted keywords in the link text. You can also check on your biggest competitors and see which sites link to them — contact each of these linking sites and see if you can encourage them to link to your site as well.

Keep Up the Good Work

If your site has climbed the search engine rankings it is very possible that you have passed your competition. By doing so you can bet that the other real estate agents will try to pass you. So again it is important to follow the basic principles above.

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