How Do REALTORS Leverage Pinterest?

First let me tell you WHAT Pinterest is –Pinterest is a social media network where users ‘pin’ pictures found online of relatable and likeable topics. On Pinterest you will find photos of wedding invite ideas, at home crafts, dream homes and much more!

How Can REALTORS Leverage Pinterest?Pinterest Logo

When you create a Pinterest account you’ve setup an online visual message board where you are able to ‘pin’ photos of basically anything you can find on the internet! Many users pin adorable pictures of animals and children, recipes, clothing (too expensive for most of us) and bucket list vacation destinations. REALTORS can capitalize on this social media network by posting community and real estate resources – notice I did NOT say real estate listings. This site should not be used in place of your MLS or IDX listings search!

Here are some example Pinterest boards REALTORS can create (I am going to use ‘Pleasantville’ as my niche market):

  • Pleasantville favorite places
  • Pleasantville house architecture
  • Pleasantville parks and golf courses
  • Pleasantville best restaurants
  • Pleasantville museums and art galleries (lifestyle)
  • Fun things to do with kids in Pleasantville
  • Dream kitchens
  • Dream bathrooms
  • Dream back yards
  • Home decor
  • Landscaping ideas
  • Home improvement ideas

You can even add a personal side to your Pinterest account (which we suggest with all social media accounts) and create a board for your favorite recipes, craft ideas or a popular topic DIY (do it yourself) projects. A good example of a Real Estate company using Pinterest correctly would be the Corcoran Group.

If you are interested in having us send you more information or help you setup a Pinterest account please let us know — we are here to help!

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