SEO 101 – Are Back Links Important to my Blog?

You hear it every day, back links are a major backbone of your SEO strategy.  But what exactly are back links and are they really worth it?

Back links can be explained as a link that is created (by a person) TO your website BUT that person DOES NOT link back to their site or blog.  This is also called an inbound link.

Since that individual did not link back to their website or blog the link they created becomes very creditable since the originator felt it was important enough to put on their website.  Links of this kind are generally considered to be of higher quality – again – because the originator deemed you as an authoritative source.  While back links boost SEO to your site or blog the source that created that link can also play on the SEO of that back link.  A back link from (website with authority) is better than a back link from an agent’s website.

So how do you get back links?

Now that we know what back links are I want to explain how to get them.

  • Blogs
  • Squidoo
  • Profile back links
  • Blog commenting
  • Article Marketing
  • Press releases
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Website directories
  • The Real Estate Carnival
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Forums

Keep in mind you get what you put in – commenting on other blogs and articles will increase the likelihood of getting comments, and back links, to your site or blog.

Don’t forget about the anchor text!

Anchor text is the click-able text in a hyper-link.  For example if you are linking your Hillsdale New Jersey community page on your website the anchor text might be Hillsdale New Jersey.  So on your page it might look something like this, Click here to explore Hillsdale, New Jersey and find out all this quaint town has to offer.  Notice I did not hyper-link “Click here”.  I am pointing this out because Google understands the link “Click Here” to be directing a reader to another source that is about “Cick Here” not Hillsdale, New Jersey.

What have you done to get back links from other readers and websites?

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