Do We Need Mobile SEO?

Mobile usage on Smart Phones is growing, rapidly.  Studies suggest that by 2014 the mobile web browser will be more used than the desktop web browsing.  For the Real Estate Industry I think this trend may come sooner — many home buyers today are always on the go and searching forreal estate from their mobile device fits their busy lives.

Many of the popular social media sites and search engines have had mobile sites in place for quite a while – making mobile friendly listings searches and mobile website with advanced SEO techniques vital!

SEO for your Mobile Website

SEO for a mobile website is basically the same as for any other website, with a few exceptions.  Keywords, titles and anchor links should still be apart of your SEO strategies.  However, remember that mobile search engines often consider a site’s speed and its ability to be rendered quickly on a phone so don’t get too involved with adding overhead (such as large photos, blocks of content or long videos).

Mobile SEO Keywords

When you are adding your keywords simply importing the ones from your regular website does not effectively boost your mobile website’s SEO.  Desktops and mobile devices are used AND act differently — keyword strings are much shorter on mobile devices and keep in mind that people tend to use predicted keyword strings on mobile devices vs. desktop computers.

Understand your MOBILE target market and niche. You have to think from a different perspective and put yourself in a mobile Web user’s shoes. List all the possible keywords (regardless of competition, length and strength) then get some recommendations from your customers, friends and colleagues. Then research your keywords with a tool called Google AdWords; using their Mobile Keyword tool. Just like typical keyword research you have to know the strength of every keyword you are going to use.

Mobile SEO Anchors and Titles

Remember to use the same principles of Anchor Text that you use in your regular SEO and make titles concise.  Keep in mind that your buyers/sellers are looking on a much smaller screen and at a much slower pace.  Speed is everything in the mobile experience. So if you have not built in these basic concepts into your mobile website, you should seriously consider it!

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Update to Article: 14 Difference between Mobile and Desktop SEO

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