Are You Losing Buyers on Your Real Estate Website?

You could be losing prospects on your website and not even know it.  Here are some common reasons why people may be leaving your Real Estate Website:

  1. Does your website simply load too slow?
  2. Are you offering real time listing data via some sort of IDX feed?
  3. Do you provide niche information for your local market?  People need more than just listings.  You need to become an area expert — a valuable resource to the buyers in your area. You need to have a website that will deliver all the resources buyers needs.
  4. Do you have a mobile version of your Real Estate Website?
  5. Does your website fails the 10 second rule?
    1. When a visitor first comes to your website they spend the first 2-3 seconds, subconsciously, inspecting the general layout and color scheme of your website.  Is your website appealing and professional?
    2. The next 2-3 seconds they will gravitate towards the largest text on the page.  Does your H1 tag line offer something that will draw attention to your website.  Bergen County Area REO Specialist is much better than Welcome to My Website.
    3. The next thing people will look at is the smaller paragraph headlines and then scan the text in them the remaining 4-5 seconds.

People want a website that is valuable and do not need a website full of high profile designs or Flash animations.  The serious buyer is looking for a professional and useful website to help them in the buying process.

If you think you may be losing potential prospects you should make sure you have some sort of analytics installed on your website such as Google Analytics.  That way you can research why people are not staying on your website and what pages are creating the highest bounce rates.

If you still think your site in lacking, let us do a FREE analysis of your site and its SEO — after all your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools you have!

2 thoughts on “Are You Losing Buyers on Your Real Estate Website?

  1. You hit the nail on the head with point #1. Page load time has got to be the biggest factor in driving people away. I know I’m pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for a site to load.


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