3 Secrets to Boost your Organic SEO

The phrase ‘Organic SEO’, or organic search engine optimization, is used to describe the positioning of a website or blog on search engine result pages. The ‘organic’ part of that term indicates that the rankings that site or blog receives is directly related to the amount of hits/interaction it gets from people searching for that source (based on keyword and other SEO practices done by the site owner) – NOT how much the site owners pays to boost the site’s SEO rankings; which is also referred to as pay-per-click.

There are 3 key factors that play a major role in your website or blog’s organic SEO rankings – unique and fresh content, how immersed you are in social networking and blogging and the amount of back links you’ve built to point to your website/blog.

  1. Unique Content: I do not care what you’ve heard from any SEO ‘expert’ you’ve talked to – content is still king. Now I do agree that my use of the word ‘content’ is used loosely…what I mean is how you are utilizing your keywords, meta information, header tags, photo and video keywords, anchor text etc. in your content to boost your one site SEO. I feel that updating your content is the cheapest and easiest way to boost organic SEO – and a LOT of REALTORS® just do not take the time to do it! Please read more on keywords density/placement, scannable content and the use of long tail keywords in another post of ours.
  2. Social Media and Blogging: If you do not currently use at least one social media site or blog to further your online marketing please take a moment, step back from your computer and do the ‘you should’ve had a V8 – head bump’. Social media is free, easy to use and should be a MAJOR part in EVERY REALTORS® ONLINE PRESENCE. Search engines LOVE a constant stream of new content – which is exactly what is found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, ActiveRain etc. Marketing through imagery has also taken a front seat in organic SEO and Ill let you in on a little secret – Google owns YouTube and Yahoo owns Flickr – so I suggest using those sites (with proper keywords) to market listings, community information, a town walk through, virtual tours etc.
  3. Back Links: In my experience many REALTORS® have no idea what back links are – when in reality they are pretty self explanatory…they are links created that point back to your website or blog. Now you must keep in mind putting your real estate blog URL on an affiliate page of a lumber company or nail salon (basically a source that in no way relates to your website/content) will not offer benefit in your organic SEO ventures. We posted a great article that explains how to create and effective use back links – check it out!

Hopefully this helped you create a new approach to your web marketing for 2012 – what have you done this year to optimize your website or blog?

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