New Facebook Business Page Layout – Yeah or Neh?

To all my REALTOR® friends:

As you are all aware Facebook has recently deployed its new Timeline format for business pages – while many seem to like this new format, I am somewhat dissatisfied.  Here are some things that I feel Facebook got wrong with implementation of this new layout.

1.  No ability to set a default landing page

If you spent time and money creating a landing page for visitors it will still appear on your Facebook page but will no longer be the main/forces landing page. If your welcome page was used to display your real estate listings or to provide links to your site it will still appear on your site but under a sub menu – so fan gating and lead capture went out the door.

2. Harder to follow conversations

Facebook’s new layout has a double column wall now making it harder to follow and track conversations as you now have to look left and right rather than down the page.

3.  Reduced profile picture

If you created a custom image (skyscraper image) 180 pixels x 540 pixels it will no longer work, as your new profile picture is only 125 pixels x 125 pixels.  The new large custom masthead would have made up for this inconvenience but as per Facebook’s TOS you cannot include phone numbers, website addresses or any other promotional information in that new large photo.

4.  Lose the Left Column Navigation

I liked the left column navigation that appeared under the previous layout as it was easy for agents and brokers to add navigation to their pages. You can still add navigation but it will appear as boxes that will appear under your masthead.

In conclusion, while Facebook may have changed its format it is still an important factor to building new leads and promoting your real estate brand.

I am curious to hear from everyone regarding you thoughts with the new layout.

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