What to Avoid for Optimal On Page SEO

I spend a lot of time telling my Real Estate clients what they should be doing when thinking about their marketing and SEO effotys.  This post will outline what you should be avoiding when working on your SEO.

  1. Flash – Simply stated search engines cannot see the content in any Flash file.  This makes a major part of your website counter productive (if you include a flash graphic/video).  While providing some nice imagery, Flash is really doing nothing for you. A Real Estate website’s basic ‘brick and motor’ foundation should be to provide accurate listing information and valuable real estate and community information.  That is where your time and money should be invested.
  2. Frames – While frames are sometimes needed, they should be avoided if the content of the frame is of SEO value.  Search engines cannot read the contents of a Frame.  Think of frames as a web page inside of a web page.  While they will see the outside frame, they cannot see the target frame unless you have a direct link to it.
  3. Graphics – Graphics are necessary for any website but be careful! You should not create a graphic on your website that houses text that prevents search engines from ‘reading’ your website content – as they cannot physically look at a graphic on your website to determine the content within it.  If you do you need to restate that text somewhere else in a non graphic format.
  4. Keyword Spamming – While keywords are critical on any page, you simply cannot repeat them 100 times to obtain maximum SEO ‘points’.  Doing this will result in your website being filtered out of search results.
  5. Black Hat Techniques – Black Hat Techniques refers to less than questionable ways to get ranked.  For example putting white text, on a white background, to only be seen by the search bots.
  6. Generic Page Names – If you have a page about Ridgewood Real Estate you do not want to name your page page12.htm.  Instead use descriptive page names like ridgewood-real-estate.htm
  7. Copy and Paste –  I know this sometimes seems the easy way out but that will bring you no value as the search engines will see this as duplicate content.

This is only a small handful of tips – but I hope this helped!  I think these are the most common and important ones to remember.  In a future post I will gather more for you.  Have any good tips to add here, let me know.

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