Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Agent

I know as a Real Estate Agent you want to take advantage and leverage all that Social Media has to offer.  I definitely support your quest but I also want to share some tips to help you avoid the over load and confusion of trying to put together a Social Media strategy. Here are 5 … Continue reading Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Agent

2 Questions to Ask Yourself – Social Media Failure

Let me be the first to say – I feel for you! I cannot image how difficult it must be to sell real estate, raise a family AND be a master internet marketing guru. Every day you’re hit with the NEWEST and the HOTTEST social media craze since the newest and hottest craze yesterday…this post is simply meant to address 2 questions which may ultimately answer your failure with social media.

More on Penguin – Links Strategy

Well it has been several weeks since the introduction on Penguin and the heated topic is LINKS.  I know a lot of people have spent countless hours building a great link strategy but now that Penguin is out you might want to re-look at your links.  Even for sites that have no link strategy it … Continue reading More on Penguin – Links Strategy

Blogging for the Busy Agent

Summer is FAST approaching - meaning the market is heating up and buyers/sellers are ready to move! Here is a quick DIY (do it yourself) home repair list to post on your Facebook pages, blogs or even resource pages on your website: Brightening up an old paint job Bring back the aging deck (a project … Continue reading Blogging for the Busy Agent

Can Bing Increase Market Share and Should the Real Estate Agent Care?

At E3, Microsoft announced, among other things, that Internet Explorer is coming to the Xbox 360 this fall. What that means is a ton of new potential users will now be searching using Bing.  Remember Xbox is not just for kids.  Millions of adults use Xbox so this could mean a substantial increase in searches … Continue reading Can Bing Increase Market Share and Should the Real Estate Agent Care?

Real Estate Website Content 101

As a REALTOR® there are many things to consider when writing your web content. Here is my list of Top 5 items to consider for your content: 1. Don’t make common mistakes when writing your web content Spelling and grammatical errors are big problems (save all that 'informal-ness' for your blog!) Remember this is INTERNET … Continue reading Real Estate Website Content 101