Simple and Effective Marketing Tips for REALTORS®

Even with the popularity of Social Media as a way to get noticed by home-buyers and sellers, many real estate agents still overlook some simple, yet effective ways to drive traffic to their Web site and Social Media Sites.

  • Your Voice Mail  – I call many agents only to get a voice mail message with no mention of visiting their Web site for additional information. By announcing your Web address, it encourages potential clients to visit your site for up-to-date listings information as well as other valuable resources.
  • Sign Riders  – Be sure to include your Web address on all sign riders. Quite often potential buyers will take a weekend drive to see what is available. Placing your Web address on the sign is an easy way to for the potential buyer to visit your site for more information.
  • Marketing Materials  – Your Web Address must be placed on all property brochures.
  • Email Signatures – This is my favorite. Be sure to include your social media icons and Web address in your email signature. I have found that adding LinkedIn to your signature is a plus as it shows your experience and also any testimonials you have received. By placing these icons to your signature it also invites potential clients, past clients, friends and colleagues to connect with you.

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