Google Pushes a Penquin Update

In my previous post “Google’s Penquin Update” I reviewed what Google did in an attempt to curtail webspam.  Bad news is that a lot of honest websites got caught in the shuffle.  So after the Memorial Day weekend Googles Matt Cutts, tweeted this; “Minor weather report: We pushed the 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches.”

Back in 2006 Matt explain what the difference between an update and a data refresh was.  He explained the following:

Algorithm update: Typically yields changes in the search results on the larger end of the spectrum. Algorithms can change at any time, but noticeable changes tend to be less frequent.

Data refresh: When data is refreshed within an existing algorithm. Changes are typically toward the less-impactful end of the spectrum, and are often so small that people don’t even notice.

So while this change probably impacts you minimally, you will see Google release more refreshes and updates as it tries to take the best possible path in curtailing Webspam.

The good news if you think you have been hit by Penguin you can recover. Matt Cutts pointed out 2 must see video’s that address these issues.

Does Google Take Manual Action on Webspam?

When Are Penalties Lifted?

Just after the Penguin update was released in April, Danny Goodwin of Search Engine Watch discussed 5 types of links affecting websites in this update:

  1. Paid links with exact match anchor text
  2. Comment spam
  3. Guest posts on questionable sites
  4. Article marketing sites
  5. Links from dangerous sites

So if you are engaging any of these types of link strategies, you probably need to look at your sites rankings.

As more on Penquin progresses I will be sure to keep you informed.  In the meantime, keep your SEO white hat and remember QUALITY CONTENT counts!

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