Real Estate Website Content 101

As a REALTOR® there are many things to consider when writing your web content.

Here is my list of Top 5 items to consider for your content:

1. Don’t make common mistakes when writing your web content

  • Spelling and grammatical errors are big problems (save all that ‘informal-ness’ for your blog!)
  • Remember this is INTERNET marketing not a newspaper. Your prospect came to your website because they typed ‘any town real estate’ into a search engine – so make sure you have that information on your website
  • Make sure your listings information and search widgets are HIGHLY VISIBLE
  • Be careful with your lead capture – anything can be found on the internet for FREE. Make sure you give a little before you take!

2. Remember the SEO basics

  •  Are your keywords in your H1 (and H2, H3 etc.) title tags?
  • Are your keywords evident in your meta data?
  • Are you using imagery where applicable?
  • Is you content scannable? (easy to read not just a block of text)
  • Does your content or web page have a call to action? (what is making your prospect say, hey I’m going to work with this REALTOR®)
  • Are you using internal links? (described below)
  • Is it easy for your prospect to content you from your website?

3. Don’t forget about internal links!

  • Yes external links pointing TO your website is important to SEO but internal links directing your web visitors to relevant information within your website is good for search engines and your prospects!
  • Be sure to link keywords and not the words ‘click here’ or ‘more information’ (example: “…find out more on New Jersey mortgage rates here!” — there I would hyperlink the underlined words and link that to my mortgage information page)


5. “Do I really have to write this myself?” – Hiring someone to write your content

  • You can absolutely hire a freelance writer or company to help with your web content
  • Typically you should be looking to spend around $20 – $50 per web page of 300 to 700 words (remember it is quality over quantity!)
  • If you do choose to pay someone it may be best to do some research (on your content topic) for your writer in the beginning to get them on the right track
  • Copying free articles from the internet is BAD FOR SEO – that just creates duplicate content which search engines hate

We are always looking for hot topics in real estate to blog about – if you have any suggestions or questions please let us know!

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