Can Bing Increase Market Share and Should the Real Estate Agent Care?

At E3, Microsoft announced, among other things, that Internet Explorer is coming to the Xbox 360 this fall. What that means is a ton of new potential users will now be searching using Bing.  Remember Xbox is not just for kids.  Millions of adults use Xbox so this could mean a substantial increase in searches via Bing.

Of course you need to have an Xbox Live Gold account to use Internet Explorer but still that will not dis-wade most of the user base of adults. In any event now Microsoft can push their browser along with Bing to a new and huge user base.

Do you think people will be using a gaming console to search?  Well more than you might think.  Internet Explorer on Xbox will support Kinect and SmartGlass, so users don’t have to use a game controller to operate it.

So what does this mean to the Real Estate Agent.  As always I preach you need to stay in touch with what is going on and to recognize how and where to market to.  In the next coming months maybe you should begin to give Bing more SEO in your marketing plan.

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