Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Agent

I know as a Real Estate Agent you want to take advantage and leverage all that Social Media has to offer.  I definitely support your quest but I also want to share some tips to help you avoid the over load and confusion of trying to put together a Social Media strategy.

Here are 5 topics that can help you focus on your Social Media strategy:

SOCIALIZE: If I don’t say it enough you need to interact!

Remember they do not call it Social Media if they meant the conversation is to go one way.  To succeed is to comment, discuss, engage and spread your knowledge. If you provide regular and timely interactions your followers WILL appreciate it.

BALANCE: Can you give too much of a good thing?

Ever logged into Facebook and been flooded with irrelevant posts from a business page you were following?  Those pages tend to become white noise to people, so they will begin to ignore the posts or “unlike” you. Be consistent with good quality and relative information.  Try using a content grid if you can.

POPULARITY: You do not need to use every Social Media platform on the planet

Just because it was invented and they call it Social Media doesn’t mean you need to use it.  Don’t spread yourself too thin instead concentrate on a few that you think YOUR buyers/sellers will use. In case you don’t have any idea where your target audience is, I think it is safe to say Facebook and Twitter are a good start.  Also don’t count out Pinterest, it is fast becoming a new craze and used right, it can bring you in a lot of interest.

SIGNIFICANCE: Don’t talk about things your audience does not want to hear

Social Media is all about what is going on, what’s new, what’s exciting and what is relative to your audience.  Become the center of your followers interest.  If your specialty is in the Mesa Arizona area then become the expert, the one who has all the good and juicy news.  Your followers will lean towards the places they get the information they want and they will also tend to like sites that are more relevant and positive, rather than the opposite.

FOCUS: You don’t need 10,000 fans, you need 1 sale or referral

Hundreds of followers does not necessarily mean you will have more success.  A smaller group of interested followers tends to be more successful.  Focus on making your TARGET audience happy and engaged.  After all those are the ones that are really listening.

So now you have it.  My 5 best suggestions for success.  Remember always stay positive and to reply to comments within a day.

If you have some tips, PLEASE share!

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