Optmizing Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page

As of March 31st all Facebook Business Pages were converted to the new Timeline format – whether you wanted it or not!  So what exactly does this mean?

For one thing you lost the ability to set a default landing page for new followers — so now it is important that your cover photo and default tabs are setup correctly to entice people to like your page as well as making sure you still convey your message.

Tip #1: Regular Posting

Since your posts are now in a time line format consistent posting is now more important than ever, otherwise your fans will see posts at the top that are old.  The time line puts more emphasis on posts (you can now spotlight and pin posts).  Another suggestion for Agents who do not post on a regular basis is to incorporate more images and videos into your posts. These seem more timeless to the average person (doesn’t matter if you posted it 3 days ago – it is still useful).

Tip #2: Step up Your Marketing

As I stated before with the loss of the preset landing page, you are left with having to use your cover images and tabs as engagement points.

REALTORS® should focus locally, so if your page is about the St. Paul Minnesota area, then have a strong cover with local images and a strong (non selling – as this is against FB TOS) impact statement like “Living in St. Paul” or “Everything St. Paul” is key. Then you need to strategically think about your default tabs.

Tip #3: Utilize Those tabs!

The new timeline format now places your tabs under your cover photo.  The first one is already set to be your photo tab (you cannot change it), but the next 3 can be for any application you want.  The most popular way these tabs are being used – creating HTML pages within Facebook. These HTML pages are used as mini websites within Facebook. Examples can be: Lifestyle, Community, Dream Homes or REO information, etc.  Each tab can have a custom image so go ahead and create images that portray the tab – you can even duplicate a page on your professional website and pop that into Facebook.  The other good news is that HTML space is now 810 pixels vs the old 520 pixels.  This creates many options by the way of design and for those of you who like to keep them in Facebook with 810 pixels you can design just about anything.

Tip #4: You’re a Square

You no longer have a long profile image to work with. The new timeline profile picture is a square, and it cuts into your Timeline Cover image. So keep this in mind when you are designing that image.  The avatar (profile picture) and the cover  photo are the two things, at minimum, someone will see when they visit your page.

Tip #5: A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

We already know adding photos or videos to your posts is a must but do you realize that with the new timeline format by simply adding visual elements you can produce a much better consumer experience.

So how do you stack up? Go ahead and share the link to your Facebook Business Profile Page and we’ll take a look and let you know how you stack up.  We will choose 2 at random and give you a complete SEO assessment for free!

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