Keeping Ontrack with Facebook

It looks like Facebook might hit the 1 billion user mark this year; so looking over your Facebook strategy could be useful. Here is our basic strategy here at RE/Advantage.

Content Strategy – Creating a steady flow of engaging, conversational content is the best approach to being successful on Facebook.

Content Grids – Keep an organized calendar of topics to post to Facebook each month. (can be day to day or weekly)

Engagement – I like to add a photo or video to each post, when applicable.  Photos might be simple but they both seem to work equally well when you look at the CTR (click through rates) of your business page. Also make sure you use open-ended questions to solicit comments from your fans. This is a common mistake but a CRITICAL element in your Facebook strategy. Best way to engage would be to post top ten lists and ask your followers to add their comments, start a “Fill in the blank Friday” posting routine or simply ask you followers to share or re-post your content.

Posting times – If you are going to post each day be sure to schedule those posts between 9am-12pm OR after 6pm. While these times seem to work the best I still encourage you to see what works best for you (especially if you are a relo specialist!).

Comments – Watch those comments and respond to them as soon as you can – even if it is a “Thank You!”.  Your fans will appreciate the courtesy. The best way I can explain this in your daily life: if a buyer reaches out to talk to you on the streets are you going to ignore them? Do you think they will reach out in the future if you are that rude? RESPOND TO COMMENTS PEOPLE!

Brand – Don’t forget Facebook is about growing your business.  People are still primarily using Facebook as a way to communicate with their friends – brands are not their primary concern.  So take advantage of that and treat them like friends.  Have a conversation and don’t blast them with messages to sell at every moment.

So tell me what works for you in the Facebook World?  How are you leveraging your business?

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