The Future of Real Estate Websites

So what is the future of real estate websites with all the craze of social media and blogging? Hyper Local Websites!

These sites are used like single property websites, but for your niche. Creating a few hyper local websites allows you to brand a single area without worrying if you are discouraging prospects by limiting yourself by location since you ARE focusing on just one area.

These hyper local websites are great for new home buyers AND current residents. What should you include on your single community, hyper local website:

  1. Custom IDX Searches – like ‘Springfield Homes 550 K – 750 K’ and ‘Springfield Golf Community Homes’ or ‘ Springfield Short Sales’
  2. Information on local emergency services (talk about the volunteer fire dept) and DPW (garbage/leaf pickup)
  3. SCHOOL INFORMATION – duh! Talk about school activities, concerts, important events and meetings
  4. The lifestyle in that community – discuss restaurants, local shops, parks, nightlife anything this is going to attract buyers
  5. Town recreational sports. Keep you current residents updated with schedules and sign ups
  6. Keep the town and buyers updated on local news…pickup the town newspaper and ‘re-blog’
  7. Be a resource! Have a QA or FAQ web page, similar to a blog, that allows others to post questions and answers
  8. Always make sure you have a page for town pictures and videos – this should go without saying!
  9. Be sure you have a page devoted to your listings, open houses and relocation services
  10. Get some call to action/lead capture on your hyper local website – something similar to this:

Now even though you are focusing on a community within your niche, instead of having your cumbersome Real Estate Website that covers several counties – be sure you still SYNDICATE your content to Facebook, Twitter or a Blog if you have one. You can even break into Pinterest with your photo sharing. Share, Share, Share!

Have you thought about these hyper local websites? Are you looking to have one/some created? Let us know!

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