3 Tips – Create Better Virtual Tours

Viewers say they are 78% more likely to stay on a website offering video. Here are 3 tips to make your virtual tours better:

1. Add the Sound – LATER

Typically when you walk through a home you are in different rooms, with different features, different wall coverings and different architecture. High ceilings, granite counter tops and small bathrooms will completely throw off the sound of your video. Do your walk through and add the sound when you are able to sit down at a computer and record it.

2. Rethink your Script – Make sure you are Actually Telling them Something New

The point of your video is to inform your potential buyer…so walking into the kitchen and saying, “here’s the kitchen” is a big No-No! Show your buyers how the breakfast bar faces the beautiful bay window overlooking the bright back yard — or talk about the potential in the living room, sitting in front of the wood burning fire place after a day in the snow. Again more then 90% of home buyers start online, meaning they probably know A LOT more about your listing than you think. Make sure your virtual tours illustrate something they couldn’t find online.

3. Sell the Neighborhood – Not the House

Yeah it is great that you just listed a beautiful 5 bedroom colonial on quiet Main Street – but think about how much more appeal your listing would have if you included the proximity of this beautiful colonial to the coffee shop down the block, grocery store 2 minutes away and the jaw dropping, professionally landscaped park across the street! (don’t forget about proximity to schools, restaurants, highways and public transportation)

Spoiler Alert – there is no ‘perfect’ video length. Whether your video is 30 seconds or 5 minutes if it is not grabbing your buyers attention they will not watch it! Adhere to the tips above to increase the probably of turning that interested home buyer into a happy home owner!

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