Mobile Websites ARE better for Agents than Apps

Real Estate agents looking to take advantage of the growing numbers of mobile buyers will find a website optimized for their market area will be better than an app.

While recognized national franchise brands such as Century 21, Weichert or RE/MAX at the corporate level could appeal to an existing customer base with apps, the same is not true for Brokers and Agents.

Brokers and Agents that rely on buyers finding their services through search engines may attract more prospects if they have a well-designed mobile website that can be easily used by people searching the internet through via smartphone.

By taking advantage of the buyers need for instant access, mobile websites clearly lead the way because they are mobile optimized – meaning you can run a Google search and your results will be mobile website. The same is not true of an app because search engines like Google cannot index it (find the app through the Internet). Imagine a buyer driving through your market area and doing a search on their mobile device. You are going to be the one they find!

RE/Advantage builds optimized mobile websites for REALTORS.  You can find more information on mobile Real Estate websites here.

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