Google Tweeks Panda in August

For those REALTORS who take their SEO seriously, this might be of interest to you. Google tweeked their Panda update in August. In June, Google incorporated new data into the algorithm, and launched two data refreshes.

Keep in mind that this latest adjustment was just a data refresh. These tend to have a much smaller impact on results than actual updates. For more on the difference between an update and a data refresh, refer to what Google’s Matt Cutts has said on the matter.

This data refresh effects less than 1% of it queries but if you are in that 1% then this certainly be of interest to you.

Google has been focused on helping people find high-quality sites in Google’s search results.

Google tweeted on August 22 on its official Twitter account (@google).

The tweet read: “Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1 per cent of queries noticeably affected.”

Google has also confirmed that future updates to the Panda algorithm will be considerably smoother and a great deal more consistent. Whilst the adjustments that it continues to make to Panda are relatively minor, Google has revealed that its planned anti-spam algorithm, Penguin, will be more significant.

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