Apple wins Patent Infringement lawsuit against Samsung

After a swift deliberation of less than 24 hours, the nine-person San Jose jury awarded Apple more than $1 billion dollars in it’s lawsuit against Samsung, and awarded nothing to Samsung in their counter-suit.

Among the counts awarded are Samsung’s willful infringement of 5 of 6 Apple patents, due in no small part to a multitude of documents from Samsung executives that clearly indicated their desire to copy certain design elements of the iPhone when the initial work was being done on their highly popular Galaxy-series of smartphones. Some documents even contained slides where prototypes were put side by side and contained suggestions on how to make the Galaxy more like the iPhone.

For Apple, the verdict was not about the money. It was about the pride and respect of it’s products, it’s innovation, the hard work of it’s designers and employees, and it’s core values as a company.

What remains to be seen is if Samsung acts quickly to change the design of Galaxy, even amidst it’s inevitable fight to overturn the decision. Samsung believes that if this decision stands, it will mean fewer choices for the consumer, and stifled innovation by companies who may be afraid to also get sued by Apple.

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