Yet another mobile OS

Apple has IOS.

Android is everywhere.

Microsoft is making headway with Windows 8 Mobile.

So what do we need? Yes…. ANOTHER mobile operating system. Enter Firefox Mobile. From the same people who bring you the excellent Firefox browser. One of it’s primary features is that it’s entirely HTML5-based, and 100% open-source.  Developed by a worldwide gathering of community of programmers, Firefox OS is touting itself as being able to deliver exactly what users want a smartphone to do.

But if you read the overview and features, I can’t really find anything earth-shattering that is going to make it easy for a fourth OS player to establish a foothold and survive in this market. The only really unique feature I came across is Adaptive App Search, which lets you search for an app in one place, and find matches that may already be installed on your phone, or are available in the Firefox Marketplace.

Visually, it looks very similar to Android in some ways. But let’s face it… today’s mobile community wants APPS. And the only way people might even think about buying a phone with Firefox OS on it is if there are enough apps available to do what people want to do on their mobile devices. Very few users care about little features built into the OS. It just needs to be easy to use and reliable.

Currently, Firefox OS is only available in Spain, Columbia and Venezuela, on 2 different phone handset. More are to follow,

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