My favorite Lead Generation Tool, “LinkedIn”

As a social media expert, I teach real estate professionals how to generate leads and build their sphere-of-influence. LinkedIn has paid BIG dividends. I find it informative and intuitive. LinkedIn consistently comes out with new features to help me be a better salesperson. Here is the key benefit from LinkedIn that has propelled my business.
Networking Opportunities

The biggest plus for LinkedIn is how it has created so many networking opportunities for me. Your profile should be well written and very detailed as you are able to represent yourself and the company you work for.. Simply by having a well written profile (mine can be found at, I am able to represent myself and the company I work for to millions of people. If someone views my profile, they can read my blog posts and can see view and join my groups that I have created. I am able to target my connections to people with similar interests and can view and connect with others and can connect with their network. This is a great way of meeting new people!

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