Are tablets the “new laptop” ?

Everyday, we see more and more mobile professionals using tablets. They are quickly becoming almost as popular as mobile phones. People are realizing what they can be used for, and how they can save them time every day. As more and more apps are released, they are rapidly becoming a viable replacement for laptops.

You may have seen Apple’s recent television commercial “Your Verse” (narrated by Robin Williams) that shows all the creative, adventurous and useful ways that people can use an iPad. Make no mistake – THAT’S the message. While the visual element of the commercial may be stunning and appealing, the entire purpose of the spot is to show the worldthat an iPad isn’t just for fun. It’s not just for reading email, browsing the web, and playing Candy Crush. Tablets today can be used to solve real-world tasks. But, more importantly, not only can they perform many of the most common tasks that laptops can do, what’s really evident is that they can do things that laptops CAN’T. Ever try to take a picture with a laptop? Can you hold your laptop in one hand easily? And even the lightest laptop pales in comparison to the weight of a tablet.

I don’t think they will ever complete replace a laptop. Clearly, this is what Microsoft wants with it’s Surfact tablet lineup. They come with easy-to-use click-on keyboards, touchscreens and Microsoft office built-in. Maybe someday that will become a reality but I think it’s a while off.

Do you use a tablet? Has it solved specific business needs for you? Has it even replaced your laptop? We’d love to hear from you and YOUR verse!

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